ON AUGUST 26, 2004 AT 12:50 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

No human being created can say, can feel that they do not sense the Importance of human life.  The very fact that human life is surrounded by the sky, and all the different temperatures that occur daily, giving to human life a knowledge, and also something to depend upon to aid them in living the life they were created to have.

Children, and even some much older than children, are not instructed on the Value, the Importance, or the Reason for human life to be created.

In the Creation of the universe, it was step by step, and each portion of it was evaluated by The Creator for the purpose it could be used for, and the importance of what each portion of the earth, the planets, the sun and the moon would give to support physically, mentally, the mental of human lives who basically would not know all about it; but the Gift was given to support, to give strength and balance to human lives living under these circumstances.

So many individuals of all backgrounds ignore the Magnitude of the Creation of all things, basically because they have not accepted that even though there is an in-depth description of each thing, there is One Who Created it all, Above all things.  The Creator is only seen in the human way, but The Creator of All Things is Far More Different and Greater than the human mentality can perceive It to be.

Remember this when you say your prayers.  Thank The Creator for giving you the place, the conditions, allowing you to be able to use all that is created to help you to one day return to The Creator and be ‘a Saint’.

Now, the word ‘Saint’ has been evaluated by those who feel that the conditions of the individual named ‘a Saint’, only lived under the conditions that were so-called ‘morally sound, morally capable, morally adept at The Rules’ in which these things were appointed to be.

I speak this way to awaken those who take the Words and who will read Them.  In the Creation of human life, The Heavenly Father instilled into it much capability to learn many things, to practice useful factors in living the life; but, also, He introduced that there is a Future to human life, and that is to be returned to Him with the Title, ‘Saint’.

All the dignity that was implanted into this creation of human life is far greater than the most intellectual individuals were capable of writing about, but you have the basics, you have the will, and you have the hope.  These things are of the utmost importance to your returning to from Where you came, from Where you were designed, to partake in the Gift of Life for All Eternity.”

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