ON AUGUST 27, 2004 AT 12:38 PM


“The world has been Blessed abundantly.  I have chosen This Time to deliver More than the human mind can perceive It to be.  It was important for All to be delivered in print regarding Stories about Me.  I am your Heavenly Father.

I say these things to give you strength, and to help you better understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man.  It is not always understood in the degree it is meant, but human life is above and beyond all things created, because within human life, I placed a Gift, a Soul, a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

The Soul is the recipient of all you think, do and say, but It is also of a great help to you when you need help in any way.  The Soul is an active Part of human life, because It hears all you say, all you think, all you practice, and all you use of yourself in every way.

Children should be instructed on the Presence of their Soul that is a Gift of Divine Love they cannot see, they cannot feel, but their innate knowledge of what is right over what is wrong, what is good over what is evil, what is practical over what is impractical.  The list is endless.

Even many adults should use this list to help them feel the strength they are capable of, the Importance of human life, and that there is Great Love devoted to human life, because in the Creation of human life, it was created to endure, to sense, and to be able to speak words of expression and words of intellect; but also, the Gift of speech was to communicate openly, and in many ways be example for others when there could be a slight impurity as the fact, the reason, the emotion, or the sensitivity, speaking in a manner, way and degree that needed to be corrected, according to what the words meant.

In the Creation of human life, there were many Gifts, not always openly spoken about, but the Gift of conscience, the Gift of sincerity, the Gift of hope, and the Gift of innately understanding that without a Goal for life, no human being would be capable of knowing all they know, all they feel, all they sense, and all the beauty, love, that having a Goal gives one, not just mentally but physically.

The word ‘hope’ is a small word, but it says so much.  Hope touches every human being mentally, physically, socially, and many other ways.

I know I speak differently at this time, but in some ways, it is to remind those who read These Words, to remember that human life is a Gift of The Divine, a Gift greater than it is seen to be, because it has a constant Communication through the Soul with All of Heaven, all the time.

I could speak hours, but I say to you now:  So Many Saints Here in the Heavens want every human being to join Them at another time.”

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