ON AUGUST 28, 2004 AT 9:42 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

We are putting the little one through a rather severe ‘Preparation’, because of so many Souls that must be alerted and aided in how they feel, think, act, and permit themselves to more indepthly understand that human life was created for a Goal, a Purpose beyond what any thing or living matter was created to achieve.

Sainthood is oftentimes not understood in the Importance of It, or the Divine Love that favors It at given times.

So much Instruction, seriously given, intuitionally explaining the Divine Gift that human life is the recipient of, logic should tell human beings that a Gift of this Measure, of this Greatness, would be based on how the individual used the Gift of human life in the proper order, proper way, proper degree, because of the Magnificence of this Creation.  That is because the Creation of human life was and is designed like The Creator caused His Son to be, That Portion of Himself that was given to the world a long time ago, describing a human mind, human body, and many more things that were instilled to be the Example for all others to feel, to comprehend that This Example was handed to all of human life, explaining openly that those being a human being was of Great Importance.

Many obstacles and many opinions of other human beings would enter the picture, addressing so much controversy, jealousies, angers and abuse.

At this time, I would like to be able to use this little one I deliver so much through, but I will have to do it in an order of her strength, because her body is so fragile, but her love for The Divine greater than ever seen or expected by other human beings.

As I close These Words at this time, I remind all of human life that in the Creation of it, all things were created by The Divine, even when individuals thought the jealousy of the enemy intruded, or tried to dismiss What I Willed for the Souls that are a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

I bless you in a Personal Way, all who believe in What I am doing in such an open way, not discriminating in every facet of life, but always based on Protection, Hope and Love, because human life has a Gift Greater than It is known to be.

I bless those who believe and trust, and I depend on your example to help others return to Me in a Pure State of Divine Love.

I could speak volumes on My Love for human life.  I have, in many ways, encouraged some individuals to try it when they desire to know more, but at this time I have given to the world, through one small voice, so much more.

I bless those who try to understand the importance it is to walk in the human role, giving hope and purity for others’ example.

I will close My Words by saying, ‘I love you because of your love and desire to please Me.’ The task is great, but you will never be sorry for participating, I promise you.”

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