ON AUGUST 30, 2004 AT 11:42 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

What you see Me do is necessary for what this little one I chose will be forced to face:  the inevitable, because of the jealousy that surrounds her, and the envy for what she is told to do; also, is example of.

Those who find it difficult to believe that when and if I choose someone to walk for Me, I would not hurt them in any way, but consistently and constantly bless them for others to see My Love is Divine, and as I have chosen a small one to deliver so much, so many times, for such a long time, would be inconceivable to millions of human beings, even if they were present at these distressful times.

My Love for human life is based on the in-depth Purpose for which human life was created, and that was and is to return to Me, That Portion called ‘the Soul’.  The Soul is the Strength in every human life that has the ability to be able to perform what I request to be done.

My Will is always for everyone who is created a human being.  Many times through the History that has been put into print regarding the Creation of human life, I have had to use special tactics to instruct, to assure, and to give My Reasoning for What I do regarding the Soul, Which is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, in every human being born.

It is sad for Me when I have to use so much on this little one that is not easy for her to physically handle, but she promised Me a long time ago, that My Will she would follow without question.

I have so many things available to help all Souls of human lives, but so many sometimes, who walk the human way, depend only on what and how they perceive things to be reasonable, so they oftentimes innately omit My Will.

As I close My Words, I want you to know I could speak thousands and thousands and thousands of Words if I thought I was heard, or I should say, if I was being heard.  The sound is not always necessary, because My Will is capable of alerting or instilling in all human beings what is morally correct, and that My Love for them should be feasible, and return love to Me in that respect.

The little one is always concerned about so many things, that she worries regarding the Souls that are innocent victims.

As I close with Divine Love, I am grateful that this little one said ‘Yes’ one day.”

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