“Meditations upon the Mysteries of The Most Holy Rosary are full of parallels to one’s life.  The very announcement of the birth of a Child, of course this being a Special Child, puts the birth of all children as a very special Gift of Love from God, and we can relate this to our own birth, in that His Love extended to us.  As The Son of God came to earth to teach and portray the responsibilities of life to us and for us, we too have responsibilities in life to God from us.

The purity of motherhood, the responsibility of the husband in these Mysteries alone have so much beauty, meaning and purpose to them.  Knowing that God has given us a parallel in life should make us look to these Mysteries with a feeling of God’s Love, God’s Mercy and God’s Generosity.


The Annunciation

The Visitation

The Nativity

The Presentation

The Finding in the Temple

Let the Sorrowful Mysteries strengthen your fear of obstacles and allow these Mysteries to help you face and conquer your adversities in the physical life.

When disappointments, hurts and problems seem overpowering, make it a practice to offer them up in reparation as penance for your offenses against God, and be sure that as you meditate upon these Sorrowful Mysteries, bear in mind that the injustice, the terror, the horror, the abuse, the indignities He suffered for us were also suffered in Example to us, showing us that sacrifice is many times necessary to express the ultimate love for an ultimate reason.


The Agony in the Garden

The Scourging

The Crowning with Thorns

The Carrying of the Cross

The Crucifixion

The Glorious Mysteries are always special to meditate upon because they too are parallels to our life.  It is what God Wills for us, in that after living the physical life He has given us, we will rise to Glory in the form of Sainthood to be with Him for All Eternity.


The Resurrection

The Ascension

The Descent of The Holy Ghost

The Assumption

The Coronation

When men think of meditation, they oftentimes make excuses for their lack of interest in all that is available for them to use.  Remarks such as this pass through their minds, and many times through their words: ‘It’s kind of boring.’ ‘It’s tiresome.’ ‘It seems such past History.’ ‘It seems so remote from my way of life, I can’t relate to it.’ ‘Surely there is something more up-to-date to meditate upon.’

For this very human reason, satan knew that men would want to experiment with new ideas, with frivolous experiences that have no sound value to them, but would be entertaining and cause emotionalism or personal opinions to be the center of such meditation, putting the emphasis on me, myself and I.

The next time you wonder about what to meditate upon, think of the treasure you have in the Mysteries of The Holy Rosary, and never forget the priceless treasure you have of the Rosary, for in its repetitiveness it says all the things God and Our Heavenly Mother want you to say.  The repetitiveness has a special meaning and a special purpose.

Make the Mysteries of The Rosary your daily act of meditation, love, and thanksgiving.”

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