ON AUGUST 30, 2004 AT 1:50 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The Words just spoken were All based on My Love for human life.

As a human being greets each day, he or she wants the day to be fulfilled with things of hope, happiness, interest, and the ability to remember the day as having been a happy day or a good day, a day to remember.  So it is, in many other things in human life.  How an individual feels mentally and socially moral are very important factors of daily living.

You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  These Words have been spoken before, but so much is seen for acts, actions, thinking and practices to be physically moral, normal, thus ignoring the full meaning of what the situation or occasion used in words, actions, thoughts, or how it affected the life or lives of others present.

Children are not being warned that there is a right, there is a wrong, there is a just, and there is an injustice.  Even though a child does not respond openly at these words, the words leave an imprint on the memory.  Maybe it will occur in an open manner at an important time later on in life.

Sometimes, correcting an individual causes not just distraction, but hurt or anger, but sometimes it causes happiness in the heart of the one corrected, and I assure you, it is best for the Soul, and the Soul might respond at a later time with a favor to the one who was upset over the wording.  There will be no written words to this effect when it occurs, but it has a way of shining at a particular time, even a lot later.

‘Morality’ is a word a lot of people of all ages like to use, because it addresses a subject of great importance and of strength, sometimes even courage.  It is an expression of understanding something that gives hope.

Needless to say, I could speak endlessly, but I beseech you who take the Words and who will read the Words to always remember:  As you were created a human being, you were Blessed with a Soul that is to one day return to The Creator but with a different title, because the Soul, as the recipient of all you think, say and do, can be the victim of all you are, or It can become ‘a Saint’.  I ask you now, ‘Which do you prefer?’”

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