ON AUGUST 31, 2004 AT 12:35 PM


He is smiling.

“I am your Heavenly Father.

This Gift that gives to all of human life so many Messages, not just encouraging individuals, but assuring all who read the Words and/or practice the Words, that there is a time to one day return to The Creator, to The Divine.

So many men, women and children want to believe What We speak, but they say they evidently do not have the full Gift of Faith that is necessary to absorb spiritually, All that is delivered by so Many Saints.

As I say These Words, I speak Them with Deep Love for human beings of all ages.  It is natural to question, and it is natural to be concerned in how one thinks, but indepthly, logic wins over when a human being is capable of seeing, thinking and practicing actions, words and deeds that are not ordinary in concept, or for them to act upon so diligently with a sense of necessity indescribable to their mentality.

Human life has so many assets, Gifts, and abilities.  That is why it is able to cope with adversities and then conquer what is right, what is good for the end result to be what The Father Wills.

Needless to say, thousands of Words could be spoken on the Important Relationship The Creator of All Things has with every human being born, no matter what language they speak, what part of the world they come from, because the Souls are active and give strength, encourage hope, and also help the one in whom They were placed to look for what is proper to do for the best results of what will occur.

I could speak hours on this subject, because the Gift of human life has so many facets to it, giving it the strength to conquer all that is wrong, thus seeking all that is right, all that is pure in thought, word and deed.

Remember These Words, and as you pass Them on to others, do not forget, you are example to everyone you meet or you live with.”

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