ON AUGUST 31, 2004 AT 8:38 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have given to the world many Lessons that bear Direction for My Will to be done because of the Importance I created and implanted within it, everyone, a Portion of Myself called ‘the Soul’.  The Soul, as a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, instills into the mentality of the one in whom It was placed, a logical understanding of the Goal for human race, and also the importance of obedience to The Commandments, due to the fact that the Soul can be the victim of, or be returned to Me, a Saint.

So few human beings can comprehend My Divine Love for them, and the Purpose for which I gave them Rules to live by.  As it is innate in human beings to want what they feel is best, or correct, or special, so do I.  Only one creation did I give so much advantage to, through My Divine Love for it, in it, with it.

Prayer, to many individuals, is an aid of communication with Me, even when it is formally stated and is oftentimes quickly made, but I appreciate the communication more than they know, because it says they are remembering their Soul as the Connecting Link of life to Me; to them, of Divine Love.

I will not speak long because What I have said is important for every human being to know.  I am close to them in more ways than they can perceive it to be, because this Creation of My Divine Love has a Great Purpose and Goal.”

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