ON AUGUST 31, 2004 AT 11:10 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

At no time, day or night, am I not present in This Gift of My Divine Love, because in My Declaration of What This Gift was to return to Me, I have not ever thought of changing It to how a human being would feel the changes would be necessary according to human understanding.

As I speak These Words, They are difficult for the little one to repeat, only because she is continuously alert to the reasonability of the Purpose for which This Gift of Divine Love was designed:  to save Souls and to enlighten the mentalities of human beings that human life has the privilege to work privately with Me, personally dedicated to My Will, because of the Importance for which I created human life, to be revealed.

So many hours in the day, not one of them incapable of service to Me, service for the betterment of Souls to be able to one day be returned to Me, as Saints.

Though I speak differently, My Divine Love for human life always shows, and always commits to certain associations in which I communicate with human life, and they communicate with Me.  Prayers should be seen, understood for what a treasure they are, because prayers can be formal or informal in a communicative manner, way and degree.

No human life have I ever requested to not speak to Me, to not remember Who I Am, and why I created human life, because of My Love for it, My Purpose for it, My Goal for it.

The little one I have chosen to repeat so much, innately wants everyone to hear about My Love for human life.  The world has been Blessed abundantly for so much to be put into script, aiding human beings of all ages to more indepthly understand what a close Association Divine Love has given to man.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but What I have just spoken is to be passed to as many as possible so they, too, can read What I have said.  Granted, many will question It, but My In-depth Love for this Creation of Mine, human life, I am sure will understand.

My Words are My Words of Assurance that though you do not see Me physically, I am aware of everything you think, do and say.  My Blessing goes with This Message, too.  No human being is not a Gift of My Divine Love.  I beseech you, remember this.”

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