ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2004 AT 11:45 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Many so-called ‘learned’ men, and some women, cannot believe in This Personal Gift of Mine wherein I speak so many times, revealing What I Will human life to know about, to better understand My Existence is real, and in My Creation of man, I instilled in it many Gifts, thus helping the mentality to more indepthly understand What I Will for them to know, to practice, and to innately want the Goal I have awaiting them for their Soul.

Human life is a privilege because it has a Purpose, a realism to it, and in My Creation of it, I instilled a Portion of Myself, thus allowing human life many facets of understandability to realize that the Goal awaiting the Souls is a Goal to return to Me at a given time, thus to remain with Me Forever and ever and ever.

My Will is a Blessing to this Creation of Mine.  There should never be doubt connected to What I have just spoken, because the Truth in It and of It is based on My Creation of human life.  I Blessed it with many and various means, ways, conditions and purposes that nothing else created is gifted with.

I will close My Words now, at this time, but I am always ready to speak through this little one when I know the time is right.”

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