ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2004 AT 10:10 AM


“It is sad for Me, your Heavenly Father, to have to put this little one through so many things that give her the strength to persevere in My Name, for My Will to be accomplished for the Souls of millions of human beings.  Human beings would say they would feel I would choose one as strong as I Am, for the mind and the body to have to endure so many things.

As I speak through this little one, the tears are not for herself, but she does not like others to see all that occurs to fulfill My Will, for the benefits necessary for others to read My Words, and of course, those who hear Them, who put Them in print.  Her tears are not for herself, but because of all that had to be endured for This Gift of My Divine Love to save the Souls of millions of human beings.

Needless to say, I could dictate volumes on the Importance of the Souls that few, or even if one human being truly sees the value of What I speak, for the purpose for which I speak It, in the language that human beings are used to.

Prayer is not always repeated in the manner or way it was meant to be.  It has become a habit of words that in many ways omit the meaning.  When someone says, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,’ to most who speak these words is because they learned them and they remembered them, but do they really mean what they say?  Do they truly believe in Me, in Who I Am, What I Am, beyond the moment of how they speak?

Prayer is an important thing to Me when it is spoken with sincerity, not just a repetitive memory in the wording.

I hold the little one deeply, for when I chose her for This Task, she complied completely.  I remember her saying, ‘I love You, God, thank You for the privilege.’ Her association with others is never domineering or is there a sense of superiority.  She says, ‘God, I am a human being and I, too, am dependent on Your Love and All You Will to be done for all Souls.’

I smile at this, because she wants so much to have every human being aware that their Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, and I am never without knowing what is occurring in the human way of all of human life, every moment of every day.  I smile, because as I speak These Words, she worries for the Souls that are neglected in this way.

Before I close with an ‘Amen’, it should be spoken openly:  My Love for human life is not understood in the Importance It is.  That is why I have given This Gift through one small voice, hoping everyone who hears the Words or reads the Words, will spiritually grow in a deeper way, a more loving way of Who I Am, What I Am, in everything they do or say.

The little one uses her hand to follow Mine with three crosses, four, five, six, repeating My Blessing in the human way.”

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