ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2004 AT 9:09 AM


“I have given to the world of human lives so much Direction, because of the Importance within them that I Exist.

Today there are fewer people throughout the world that understand that the Creation of human life is a Great Part of Divine Plan, not an afterthought that came to be done.

Throughout the world there is so little understanding of My True Reality and Who I Am.  Morality is being ignored as it always has been, but nonetheless, I Exist and pursue many individuals to at least try to understand the Foundation and the Reasonability of My Creation of human man.

This Creation is a Gift of My Divine Love, and I have always placed in it a Portion of What I Am, thus giving to this Gift a mentality that, because of responsibilities, aided man in My Gift of Divine Love for That Portion within them called ‘the Soul’, that is to be returned to Me with the individual’s background and how the individual lived the human way, according to the one that It was placed at a particular time one day.

Oftentimes this is ignored, because it is easier for many individuals to not base their actions, thoughts and deeds, bearing a responsibility accountable to Me.

I have delivered so much through one small voice, one small individual who at the Announcement of My Presence a long time ago, accepted It with earnest obligation and personal responsibility, not in the least way feeling a great importance against others, but obligated to fulfill My Will, My Way for the Souls that I want returned to Me.

As I close My Words, I do it with much Love and thanksgiving to those who accept My Presence in such a personal, loving way, plus helping others to understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Plan, for a Goal for That Portion of it to be returned a Saint.

As I close My Words, I must add:  Needless to say, I could speak endlessly on My Love for human life.  That is why I give it so many ways to remember the responsibilities that are instilled in each one individually for a Purpose, a Goal, to return to Me Forever, their Soul.

The Soul is more than It is understood to be.  The Soul is basically What could be determined ‘a Portion of The Holy Trinity’.

The little one bows her head in respect for Who I Am, and the willingness to help Souls more fully understand the Goal is Sainthood for them.”

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