ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2004 AT 12:45 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Each time I speak through This Gift of My Divine Love, it is important that What I speak is never taken for granted, but seen and practiced for what the Words I use, mean.

Human lives have been gifted with so many talents, so many abilities, so many ideas, and so many ways to practice morality over immorality, justice over injustice, hope over despair.  The list is endless, because in the creation of human life, there are so many things instilled into the conception alone, not seen by the human eye, thus making the conception human in every way, for the present and for the future time that this Gift of Divine Love will walk in, on, and for, all that the world contains and is used for.

Though I speak differently, I speak with Deep Concern for the lives, the Souls of every living human being.  That is why, for a long time now, I have used one small voice to instruct, and to give to others, through the written Word, What I Will them to know, to feel, to speak, to practice, and to value as Gifts from Me, for them to use the human life as an entity of My Divine Love, for others to be.

I will not speak long at this time.  My Words, as I see Them to be, are complete in the Foundation necessary for you to understand and to believe.

I bless those who use My Words, because when they do, they carry on What I Will others to know for the good of their Soul that is to be returned to Me, and be called ‘a Saint’.”

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