ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2004 AT 11:41 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This little one is close to collapse.  She asks Me for the strength she needs.  I have given her a certain degree of it.  Part of what she is going through is based on the necessity for courage to walk as she walks, to speak as she speaks.  She tries so hard to have everything to look natural, but the Power We Are is not natural.  It is of The Divine.

As I am talking to you, she is talking to Me, because she is so careful and concerned What is revealed through her from Me.  Responsibilities are many, and sometimes very difficult, especially when They come from One of Us.

Human life has been Blessed by and through This Gift wherein so much is openly spoken and put into print.

You live in a time that is addressed as bearing much intellect, much progress, plus many changes in thinking, words, deeds and actions.

We All smile when she is given the Task to speak What We Will her to speak, and others to know.  The cautious attitude she projects is one alone.  This Gift of Divine Love is a Gift greater than It is seemed to be, but nonetheless, the Importance of This Gift is loved by all Souls that hear It.

I smile when I say These Words, but I also have hope that All that has thus far been delivered will be Protection for thousands and thousands of Souls.  Do not forget, each Soul is a Portion of The Creator of All Things.”

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