ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2004 AT 12:26 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The little one We All use to deliver a Love indescribable to all of human life through the Words spoken by Many of Us, not just encouraging men, women and children to learn, but to realize how close human life is to The Divine.

From the beginning of time, it was important to teach those who walked the earth to know that all that was created was from The Divine, and it was important for human beings to understand that as they were created to live the life as man, there was a Source, a Force, a Power in charge, directing all actions, all facets of necessities for the human way to walk, to think, to live.

This Blessing is thousands of years old, but today as We speak through one small body, it confirms the Divine Love for the human race of living.  Children should be instructed on the Importance of being a human being, and how it all began through the Love of The Divine Will, Way.

I could speak endlessly on this close Association human life has with The Divine.  It is as close as you are with your communication abilities to those you love and are with daily, and at all times.

As I close These Words, I want you to know, My Love for this Gift of Divine Love, human life, is a Love that never grows cold, and each time you ask for a Blessing, I hear you.  Each time you communicate with a Saint Here, I hear you, and each time you make a wish, I hear you, and each time you say you love Me, I say it back to you, but you do not hear Me.  Innately you sense I hear you.  Innately you know I respond.  I do, because My Creation of human life is a Gift of Divine Love for you.”

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