ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2004 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  I am Saint Clare.  We All smile as the little one automatically discusses Our Presence.  We make Ourselves known, drawing her attention in case We want to speak Words of Direction, of Love, of Hope.

This Gift is The Father’s Love for human life.  It is a Love beyond what It is seen to be, understood to be, because so much previously through time has been designed by The Divine to draw attention to the importance of Faith in prayer, and definitely in The Divine, The Holy Trinity, and All The Saints There.

So much has been given straightforwardly, without any stop, in addressing the Importance of human life and what will help human life grow mentally, spiritually, morally, and in their conscience that they have every moment of every day, as a living human being that walks each day with the privilege to pray, to remember The Divine, The Holy Trinity, and to give thanks for being a human being with the Goal that awaits the Soul one day.

I know Many of Us speak rapidly, but I ask you to please understand Our Manner of Living is a Gift of Divine Love, and in Our wanting to help all of human life when We deliver Words of Direction, Love, Hope, it is not through the wording as you know wording to be; it is through Our Presence, instilling This in one small human being.

As I close These Words on this day, I smile at each one who takes the Words, and you must know that as you take These Words, The Holy Father, The Divine King, blesses you for your love of sharing.”

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