ON OCTOBER 23, 2004 AT 12:28 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have given to the world a Blessing for millions of human beings to gather the strength within themselves, so they will better understand the Power I Am.

It is important that All that has thus far been delivered through one small voice be sent throughout the world, to give other human beings the knowledge of the Importance of human life and that it has a Goal.

This Statement should not be difficult to understand, because in My Creation of human life I implanted the desire in the mentality to reach for goals, not just appealing, but goals that would have gifts that would give strength to the mentality in the human manner of living.

The Goal I implanted in human life was to return to Me a Portion of it that is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

So little is being spoken on this Gift of Mine to human life.  The Soul is the Strength for courage, for hope, and the ability to stand strong, firm when it is necessary.  The list is endless for this Gift of Mine.

So many individuals of all ages ignore the Gifts that are bestowed upon them, within them, for them to be able to realize that there is more than the physical existence for life.  That is why I instilled a mentality, and a sense of justice, a sense of hope, and an innate desire for protection, manner, ways, conditions and occurrences.

I hold the little one close to Me to give her the strength needed to walk This Role that gives to others What I Will them to know:  The Importance of human life is above and beyond what it is seen to be.

As I speak These Words, I speak Them with My Love, My Sincerity and My Hope, because human lives have more than a privilege, they have a Goal, and that is to return to Me, That Portion of Me, their Soul.

I could speak endlessly, but I make My Words shorter, because if I were to hand too much at one time, it would be confusing to the human mind that I created within human life for many reasons, too numerous at this time to repeat all the reasons, for this Gift of My Divine Love.

I bless those who respond to What I Will them to understand.  It saddens Me to see others ignore the fact that I have taken the time to give them the Words to aid them regarding Who I Am, and What I am thinking about in favor of them.

As I close These Words at this time, I Will ‘All I have delivered’ to be passed throughout the world, because so many human beings need to know My Love is of the Divine Nature that gives all of human lives My Divine Reasonability to want them to know how close I am daily because of the Soul that they bear, that is a Portion of Who I Am.”

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