ON OCTOBER 24, 2004 AT 10:43 AM


“Those who accept My Will that I have delivered through This Gift of My Divine Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, must be seen for My Will to care this much for human beings.  I have Blessed many through This Gift that I have given to the world for a long time, because in This Gift of receiving What is called ‘My Body’, ‘My Divine Love’, it is to instill the Importance of Who I Am.

Today, as I speak, I speak with My Will, open to those who hear My Words and put Them into script.  You live in a time where there are many wrongs, mostly mentally, that in many ways scar the Soul and the body and the mentality.

I have delivered much through one small voice to enlighten those who are present and who hear My Words or read My Words.  It is important that all ages of human life, all backgrounds, come to realize that in My Creation, I instilled My Divine Love, My Hope, and the Importance of why and how I created human life; that is, to return to Me Forever and ever and ever.

I do not speak often through the human body in this manner.  I am doing it now.  I have given to the world This Blessing to learn All that has passed through this little one, hopefully for the Souls of millions of human beings to more indepthly understand My Presence is every moment of every day they live in the human form I designed a long time ago.

The little one I use is obedient to My Will.  It is important that others learn this Fact, this Purpose, and also, that the Words must be read by them, because there is very little sound Spiritual direction through the human voices throughout the world.

I close My Words with a final Statement:  The Gift I have given must never be used in the wrong manner or way, because It is a Gift of My Divine Love, done in an Open, Spiritual, Loving Manner, in how I use the obvious to be learned by many.  The Power I use is not what It is seen to be.  No human being could withstand what this little one has been subjected to, for the betterment of man.”

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