ON OCTOBER 25, 2004 AT 12:44 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There are Several Here with Me at this time, and All of Them are so happy to be Part of This Gift of Divine Love, because It has been created to instruct all who read the Words or hear the Words, to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man.

It is innate in human beings of all ages to be happy when they are given a gift from someone they know, someone they care about, or sometimes even a stranger along the road.

Human life is gifted with the Gift of Divine Life, thus beginning this way to one day become ‘a Saint’ through the time that will be needed to recognize more indepthly, that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, designed with a Purpose, to procreate and to give to others a deeper understanding of what human life is all about.

We hear so many individuals speak of their manner of living in such a sad tone of voice, or a critical understanding, but We try very hard to get them to know that life has a Goal worth working for, worth living for.

Hope is a beautiful portion of life, because hope gives strength to the mentality, to the physical, and to the understanding that there is a Purpose greater than anything else has.

As I speak These Words, They are to instill in those who read Them, that the Gift of human life is a Gift of Divine Love, not just human experience.

Children at this moment are playing in a park.  We see them and We try very hard to help them see something other than what they are doing, to enlighten their mentalities that human life is not just fun, but it is worthwhile and has a Purpose.  It is amazing to read their minds, because in their mental discretion over how they use what they are doing, We see their intentions, their happiness, and their feeling of being different, and yet enjoying life as they should.

Thousands of Words could be written on this subject, because to be created a human being has a Goal that nothing else created is the recipient of; but I plead with those who take the Words and those who will read Them, to always remember:  You have a Gift within you, Greater than you know It to be, because It is a Portion of Who created you.  It is a Gift of Divine Love beyond anything else you could ever receive.

The word ‘human’ is special Here in the Heavens, because it gives to All The Saints a happy thought knowing that, at some time, others’ Souls will accompany Them Where They are, in Heaven.”

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