ON OCTOBER 26, 2004 AT 12:50 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I smile as I listen to what is being spoken in favor of what is correct, what is logical, what is good, what is best for not just the mentality of someone, but for their Soul.

The Soul, though It cannot be seen, is oftentimes felt by Its Presence, especially when situations or conditions will mar the Soul, or in another aspect, flatter the Soul and give the Soul the respect due to It.

The Soul, as a Portion of The Divine, is gifted with so much understanding, so much caring, and so much sincerity in all that comes through the one in whom It is placed at the moment of conception.  The Soul is a Gift of Divine Love.  No other living matter or thing has It.

The Soul is never seen by the human eye, but It is felt by the human sensitivity to what is pure over impure, just over unjust, truth over untruth.  The list is totally endless.

I will cut My Words short, but as I do, I promise those who take These Words that I watch you every day you walk in the role of serving The Creator in a Divine Way, for a Divine Reason, and that is for the Soul.”

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