ON OCTOBER 28, 2004 AT 11:52 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I am your Heavenly Mother.

There are always Many of Us present, because it is important that men, women and children of all ages understand that We are close to them every moment of every day, not just in their waking hours, but when they sleep to get strong for the next day.

The Beauty of this time is far greater than it is understood to be.  It is a time wherein We are communicating Personally.  The Value of This Communication and the Divine Love in It, is beyond the human mentality’s ability to understand that though human lives walk each day appearing as one entity of living human life, there is never a time they are alone, without Someone from Here.

The Beauty of This Gift of Divine Love is Extraordinary, beyond what the human mentality can perceive It to be.  That is why This Gift, for many years now, has addressed so many subjects of Guidance, and of allowing so many individuals to understand that though they walk the earth as one, they are never truly alone because of their Soul that they are never without.

Children are helped many times.  Adults, as they are called in the grown role of living, are never without the fact that if they call upon a Saint, the Saint hears them.  If they say a prayer to The Creator, He hears them.  At These Words, some may wonder why They are not able to communicate verbally under these circumstances.

Now let us take the logic of why a Soul was given at the moment of conception to every human life.  The Soul’s awareness to All that is Divine is not seen for what a Great, Beautiful Gift the Soul is to mankind.

There are millions of Words to describe what a Treasure human life has, to first being created a human being, capable of reaching a Goal for the Soul of him or her to return to The Creator as ‘a Saint’.

I will close My Words now, but as I do, I say, ‘There is no time during a day that the Soul ever leaves the one in whom It was placed, because the Soul is in constant communication with The Divine.’”

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