ON OCTOBER 28, 2004 AT 12:45 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

When I announced My Name, the little one The Father chose for This Gift of His Divine Love was shocked to hear My Voice, My Name, because at one time she attended a school that bore My Name.  At that time, Many of Us knew that she was going to be chosen for a Path that had to be seen by millions of human beings, thus in serving The Divine King.

So Many of Us Saints Here in the Heavens see her in acts of obedience that are not fully understood by others she is surrounded by and with.  In The Father’s Love for human life, He chose different individuals to be Saints, due to the manner in which they lived and they felt about Him.

You live in a time where Sainthood is not seen in the manner, the degree, or the purpose that it exists.  There are many who mention it once in awhile, but even many who practice to be teachers of religion, of Holy Verses in the Bible, do not fully understand a Gift of This Divine Love for the lives of human man.

Jealousy abounds.  Carelessness abounds.  All these things are difficult for Us to see, because many times when one of these ways is prevalent, it causes Many Here in the Heavens to not encourage the little one to speak, so The Father, in His Divine Love, opens a Bright Light, and He is The One that oftentimes uses the little one to say the things We spoke about.

You live in a time in which there is so much diabolical interference.  It need not be.  It should be stopped.  It could be stopped if the mentalities of human beings would rationalize what they practice verbally, physically, mentally, socially.

It is rare that an individual does not know right from wrong, good from evil.  It is ridiculous in a wording understanding of things, because at the birth of a human being, it is innate for them to understand if they are hungry, they want to eat; if they are hurt, they cry; and then, when they take their first steps, they fall, they are more careful when they try again, until they know within themselves they can carry on.

The human mind is a Gift of Divine Love.  It says more to the human being it is in than any other part of the body, because the mind is connected to The Divine in a special manner, way and degree.  The mind is what teaches a child to talk, and to look at things sometimes practical, sometimes out of fear, sometimes just being a human being, wanting something special to occur.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but I do this today to remind those who read the Words:  The Gift of human life is a Gift for the Future, the Future of a Soul that a human being is gifted with at the moment of his or her conception.  The Soul wants to return to The Creator.  It is your responsibility to see that this occurs.”

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