ON OCTOBER 29, 2004 AT 11:50 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

It is Important, This Time I spend to deliver My Love for human life, giving to it Words of My Direction and how individuals must more fully understand, that as I have given to the world a Personal Communicative Measure of My Time, it is to alert those who hear the Words and those who will read Them, giving strength to what is necessary for human beings of all ages to be aware, to be conscious of the Close Communication I have with them.

I have Blessed the world through one small voice.  Granted, the voice can only be heard for a short time to a mere few individuals, but the Words are to be delivered throughout the world, awakening the minds of millions of human beings to know how close I am to them, and how much I care about them.

Each time I speak through one small voice, and What I say is put into script, it is My Way of Communication, alerting all who listen, all who will read the Words, to be aware that I am Always Present.”

He repeated:

“Remember, the Bibles that are put into script were because of My Will for My Words to be remembered, and also, to give help morally, mentally, spiritually, for one’s personal life and for Spiritual aid, assurance and help.”

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