ON OCTOBER 3, 2004 AT 9:38 AM


“When I walked the earth in a human way, it was to be Example for those who would see Me, know Me, to understand that My Presence was Important for more reasons than they could comprehend.

As I walked, I bore the name of a human way, but as I stand Here in the Heavens, My Name is The Son of The Creator, called ‘Jesus’.

When those who need help address My Attention, I answer them in more ways than they know, because the Creation of human life is a Treasure beyond what it is known to be.  It is that link of closeness of human life to The Holy Trinity.

Prayer is important.  It is what speech is between human lives to communicate with each other.  Prayers said in communication with Me are answered in many ways, because prayer has a way of drawing attention.

My Love for human life has a Foundation unbelievable to human lives, but I assure you, every prayer is heard and answered.”

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