ON NOVEMBER 2, 2004 AT 12:29 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In the Creation of human life so many Gifts were instilled, so that this creation that was to have within it a Portion of The Creator, was given so many Blessings, giving to human life a happiness, a joy, a delight, and a yearning to accomplish what The Father Willed.

Each time One of Us Here in the Heavens has the ability, or requests to speak openly and with sound to those who will listen and put into Words for others to read, is a Blessing beyond what It can be seen to be.

You live in a time wherein so much is taken for granted, and so many decisions on important issues, things, are dismissed, because it is not seen what a particular issue can produce, can project, can instill, and can in many ways be the solution for a great occurrence to be.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens desire to speak through This Gift of Divine Love, because They see so much value to being instructed verbally, mentally, on the Importance of the creation of human life, the Goal for human life, and the Wonderment of the human beings at another time.

Today, I know I speak in a manner different than you are used to hearing, but I beseech you to not toss the Words away, but use Them to give you the strength to practice all that is morally sound, morally beneficial, because do not forget, you have a Soul that is to return ‘a Saint’.

I smile when I say the next Words:  As you are delivered how to think, what to see as important, It is to give you the strength to endure all the physical angles and meanings, so that one day, when you are ‘a Saint’, you will have the privilege to fully understand the Worth of your Goal.”

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