ON NOVEMBER 9, 2004 AT 12:45 PM


There are so Many present.  They are All smiling.

“I am your Heavenly Father.

The Statement just made was One of Truth.  Whenever I am going to speak, Many Here in the Heavens smile and are anxious to hear What I have to say.

The world has been Blessed abundantly by This Gift that speaks Words of Great Value, Encouragement and Divine Love.  Many outside here would find it difficult to believe that This is occurring, but the written Words will help them at another time and give them strength to persevere in and on the important things that give them hope, perseverance, and a Manner of Divine Love in just knowing that they have pleased The Father.

You live in a time in and where there are so many things that are called ‘important’.  Many are only important to the ones remembering them to speak about, to think about.  The real important things in human life are many, but the very, very important things are sometimes just words that you read or you hear.  The words are based on how you are, how you live, how you think, and your participation in what you do, practice and know; also, how you express to others the right things to do and your willingness to do them.

My, I have given you a long list, but you are capable of so many things to be accomplished.  First, for your Soul that will one day return to from Where It came; then, the body that is yours, giving you all the energy and manner of living to help you one day become ‘a Saint’.

So much has been given to human life, so much Divine Love is expressed in just a few Words, causing you to be aware of the closeness you are to Heaven.

I could speak hours on end, so could All The Others Here with Me, because it is so important that every human being born, for them to understand there is a Great Purpose for human life, and a Beautiful Goal for the Soul of every human being born.

You are always Blessed for the good you do.  Remember this, and you are always helped when you request help, even though it might not appear in your way or manner of thinking, but I promise you, it does occur.

As I close These Words at this time, I beseech you:  Never forget there is a Portion of The Divine in you, and It will aid you and give you the strength to choose what is right, proper, moral and good.

When you say to someone, ‘God bless you,’ you can be assured the request is granted, so as I leave I say to all who take the Words and who will read Them, ‘God blesses you for your Faith and your love for The Divine.’”

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