ON NOVEMBER 12, 2004 AT 11:39 AM


“Personal communication in verbal form to emphasize the logic, the necessity, and the purpose for more understanding to be realized and used, not just to accommodate, but to be the Foundation for the progress that is necessary to develop My Will in the Order I Decree it to be, I have given to the world one small voice, but one immediate to What I Will certain factors and additional aids to progress, for human beings of all ages to be able to instill into others the Value of how I think, in how I recognize human beings to bear strength in facts, figures, conditions and logical results.

There will be more on this later, because I have given to human lives so much understanding, helping them to value their communication with Me as hope, purpose and reality.

I will speak more, because communication used to make a subject more valuable, takes more innate understanding than it is ever truly seen to do.

I pass through this little one many Directions that bear the strength of human understanding necessary to spread What I speak for the benefit of Souls in an insurmountable amount, to learn more and to sense My Closeness to them more indepthly and more complete.

I could speak more on this.  I will at the time I know It will give a sound condition of understanding based on What I have just spoken.”

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