ON NOVEMBER 13, 2004 AT 12:42 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

It is important that All that I have delivered thus far, and Others Here with Me also, must be delivered to hundreds, even thousands if possible, men, women and children to read and to help them more fully understand My Closeness to them and My Love for them.  Also, when they pray, speaking to Me in this way, I hear what they have to say and I am happy they communicate, even when they are in a hurry to walk away.

Throughout the world there are men, women and children who many times ignore spending time with Me because they cannot see Me, but I want them to know, no matter where they are, alone or with someone else, I have a way of knowing their thoughts, their desires and how they act.

Prayer is many things.  It is not always a formal act.  It is sometimes a silent communication in the way of words making contact.  Do not forget this.

Today I have gone through many things with the little one who speaks My Words.  Her obedience to My Divine Will is a necessity that I introduced to her a long time ago.

As I close These Words today, it is just for this time.  Remember, I am available every moment of every day for you to think of My Presence.”

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