ON NOVEMBER 17, 2004 AT 11:02 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This little one I use is in a temporary weakening physical condition, due to the fact that when I make a Presence to her, the Power I Am weakens her because of her gentleness, but also because of her weakening physically, due to the fact of the Tasks I have appointed to her for some time now.

Through This Communication I have with her, It is to aid millions of human beings to more fully understand that My Closeness to them is more than they understand It to be.

The little one is consistently obedient to My Will, and All that is delivered through her is to give strength and much purpose to all ages of human life.  The world has been Blessed in more ways than it is seen by the human mind, but nonetheless, the Blessings cover every facet of human life.

I come on this day to awaken some who will read These Words, allowing them and letting them to more fully understand I did not create human lives and then walk away from them.  My Love and Reasons for this Gift of My Divine Love is above and beyond what the human mentality can perceive It to be.

In the Creation of human life, I had a Purpose and a Goal that never stopped at any time or way.  I continue to have this Goal.  Remember this.

I would like to add a small Note to My previous Words:  Children are not being instructed on how close they are to Me, and that the Mission and the Gift of human life is a Gift of Divine Love, because within it there is a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.  If this were not so, human beings would not know purity from impurity, justice from injustice, hope from despair.

I speak through one small voice.  I have for a very long time, and All My Words should be seen, because I never did not give some Sign of My Close Association in The Divine to human lives created by Me.

Many things have been spoken through This Gift wherein I use one small voice for so many things I want to share with human beings.  I bless those who use what they have to more fully understand that human life was designed to be returned to Me in The Divine.”

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