ON DECEMBER 2, 2004 AT 12:01 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I am announcing at this time a Very Important Statement, and that is, that this little one I have chosen for such a Major Task, parallel to the time The Son walked the earth; at that time also, human beings of all ages, all backgrounds, felt the Power but resisted the Greatness in What was being delivered for the good of Souls.

As I have given to the world one small body to aid, to instruct, and to show example for The Divine above all other things based on personal opinions of human mentalities, I speak differently, but I speak with My Intentions for This Gift of Divine Love that supersedes any human concerns, knowledge, understanding.  This list is endless.

As I speak through one small voice, I do it at her request, because in her manner of understanding the importance of all that occurs, she still wants kindness to show in every facet of every move, every word, every source.

As I hold her tightly, I feel her tears inside as they fall, because the Magnitude in which this little one walks is inconceivable to the human minds, even when they are present when the body is being used in a manner and way unfamiliar to the human mind.

As I close I say, ‘I warn all who know her and all who want to know her, that she does not belong to them.  She is Mine.’

I help her up at her request.  Her body cries for help.  My next Words I say with Love and Respect:  She is Mine.”

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