ON DECEMBER 3, 2004 AT 12:31 PM


“Today is an important day, because I have on the onset of this day, injected into this little one I use the importance of her perseverance and her accountability for My Will to flourish in many ways.

It is easy to say, but I promise you it is not difficult to follow My Will the human way.  Since the beginning of the Creation of human life, I have directed it according to what I knew those in the living state could follow and could use to fulfill all that was necessary physically, morally, mentally, psychologically.  I have never driven human life beyond what it was capable of doing.

In My Choice of this little one for My Will to be spoken about, to be instructed, took a lot of love for Me that is rarely understood in how one serves My Will to be.

I have given to the world so much, based on the Fact that in My Creation of human life, I had a Goal Worthy to work for, Worthy to desire.

Today as I speak, I speak repeating What I Will human beings of all backgrounds, natures, to look at what each day is capable of giving to you and your Soul — a Higher Place Here Where I Am.  Remember this, because in My Creation of human life, I can sincerely say that this Gift of My Divine Love is Beyond what the human mentality can perceive My Love to be.”

“I have just whispered My ‘Thank you’ to this little one, for as I use her, it takes a toll inconceivable for others to recognize or to feel or to understand.”

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