ON DECEMBER 9, 2004 AT 11:22 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it is difficult for many to read What I have spoken, Fact, Truth, It is meant to be strength morally and physically and psychologically; needless to say, spiritually, on the behalf of their Souls Who walk with them every moment of every day.

The human way of life is Blessed because of the Goal for which it was created, and that is to return to Me That Portion of What I Am in human life, barring no individual from being a participant of My Love, or this Gift of My Divine Intercession, because as a Portion of human life, the Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, thus assuring human lives of how close I am to them, reasonably logical because of how I would aid them when it is needed, strengthen when it is necessary, and be present at all times in Protection of them physically, mentally, morally.

I did not create human life without My Intentions for it, logically placing within it an innate value of their Association, constantly alert to Me because of That Portion within them of My Divine Presence.

Children are not being instructed on this obvious Factor of Truth, nor are many so-called ‘adults’ practicing what is logical for That Part of them to give strength, due to the necessity for value morally, mentally, psychologically, to be the guidelines of all that the Soul receives through the acts, the speech and the memory:  right over wrong, justice over injustice, and aid over insecurity that can be detrimental to how one responds.

The Soul in each human life is the recipient of what I Will it to be seen as, using My Intentions, My Purpose, and My Divine Love to aid the Soul to be returned to Me as I once placed It at another time.  The Soul and Its desire to have all things as I Will them to be, always acts as the circumstances are necessary, but the mentalities of human beings are often versed on their insensitivities to the Beauty of the Treasure of a free will.

The free will automatically chooses the subject matter according to its place from where it came, and from Whom I Am, but the enemy tries to interfere because of the jealousy, the hate that is felt by him; but the Purpose is logically instilled, but sometimes is weakened because of a mood.

I close These Words, but I await millions of human beings to read Them and adjust to the importance of Them, because their Soul is either the One Who stands firm on what is correct, or can be weakened by the dominance, by the object, project.

I bless those who take My Words and I must say, ‘As you write What I speak, I know you agree with My Love of human life and your innate hope It will give hope by many people.’”

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