ON DECEMBER 9, 2004 AT 1:07 PM


There must be Ten to Twenty Saints.

“I am your Heavenly Father.

Yes, there are Many Saints Here with Me now, because Each One feels the Importance of This Gift of Divine Love at this time in which those who take the Words are living parts and receive All that is given with love, concern, devotion, and yes, the ability to sense the Importance of each human being’s way of life.

Children need to know about This Gift because children are usually set aside.  They are talked to about the existence of, but not how close Many Saints are to them.

In the Creation of human life so much was looked into, giving to human life many advantages, many talents, many abilities, and yes, the knowledge, the logic of what would be moral over immoral, truth over untruth, love over hate.

Right now, there are millions of human beings throughout the world who have no concept of This Gift that is a continuous Relationship of Communication daily, through one voice, to all who will listen and/or put into script the verbiage, the subject matter, thus realizing that This Gift of Communication is beyond what It would ever have been expected to be, as such a Close Relationship of Communication from The Divine to those yet living in the human state.

One voice was all that was needed, one voice obedient to the Will of The Creator and All Who walk with Him, because of the Importance of the Souls that in many ways treasure This Gift because of What It gives to the ones in whom They live as Companions.

I could speak hours on end, but I feel at this time I have given enough points to be thought about, and truly I have shown the Love of The Divine for those present here, and those who walk in a manner of accepting what is pure, what is honest, what is just, for the benefit of their Souls to one day return from Where They came and be called ‘Saints’.”

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