ON DECEMBER 13, 2004 AT 3:12 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There is very little time in the hours of a day that I, or One Other Here with Me does not speak Words of importance through one small voice, to give strength, purpose and important understanding that would not ordinarily be part of human life.

Thousands of times this little one has been used to transmit Words of importance, and yet They sounded natural, ordinary, logical to those listening, but in reality, They were delivered to draw attention to a subject matter that otherwise would never be brought into the open consideration for being connected to either a place, or a condition, or an occurrence that needed to be seen for what it was, to perhaps many other living human beings.

I hold the little one tightly, because each time We speak We draw from her a strength that in many ways is not ordinary to even other human beings, let alone to her.

You live in a time in which so much is not understood in the value it is meant to be, because in so many ways, the mentalities of human beings do not see the seriousness, or the logic, or the value, or the meaning, that a few words could cover something that should be not just alluded to, but seen for the danger it could be, the moral problem it could be, or what it causes to another person’s financial means, moral means, and many other such distractions.

These Words are spoken for a reason, because this little one is used to speak on subjects others would not think about, especially when they are busy on subject matter or conditions that occurred immediately when there is a problem and it is taken care of quickly.

I value this time, because it helps others know that the conditions this little one walks in are not normal to the average body or Soul.

As I close These Words I must add:  Those who walk with her are Blessed in many ways, because What occurs through her are not considered average or normal in many ways.  Blessings abound, and yes, Many of Us Here say, ‘Thank you for having the Faith to stand by and use your time, your abilities and your conscience so openly, fairly and necessary.’”

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