ON DECEMBER 14, 2004 AT 12:35 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I smile when I say My next Words.  I oftentimes speak Words I desire to be heard, but I do not announce My Name.

As you live in a time that is known for its great progress in many areas of mentalities, many areas of language, and many areas of abilities to discern the importance of situations, characteristics, motivations and value of truths that basically give strength to what you are thinking, practicing, or are about to do, at this time the world has been Blessed abundantly many times through one small voice that stresses, introduces, and promotes many things to be thought about, many interests to be seen as important to the moral values, moral standards, moral views.

You do live in a time of progress, but progress is not always seen by some, because they tend to be happy with what they feel is acceptable to them, for them, by them, due to the mentality or the energy or the concern, or lack of concern regarding different purposes, and the importance of what and how it will affect one’s life.

I speak differently I know, but it is Divine Love that I speak with, because each human being has the Purpose of one day achieving a Goal.  The Goal, of course, is Sainthood.  This should never be ignored, never cast aside, because this Goal is what you were created for.  It has a Gift within It beyond what It is understood to be.

My Words are to bless you, those who take the Words and those who will read Them, because you see, human life is gifted with a Goal to reach The Divine and one day be fully aware that all he or she did was worthwhile.”

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