ON DECEMBER 15, 2004 AT 8:42 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I smile because this little one I use worries about her human associations being pleased with her manner of doing things and her devotion to Me.  As a child I talked to her then, and those in charge of her, her parents, knew.

Today as I speak, hundreds should be aware that My Love for human life is evident when I speak through one small voice to make them aware My Presence is always close to them, That Portion of What I Am that is in each human life created to walk the path of the human role, bearing a Portion called ‘the Soul’.

The Soul is never seen with the ordinary sight, but the Soul is felt by the Soul in each human being, because It is a Gift of Divine Light.

So, as I speak on this day, it is to remind those present and those who will read the Words, that the Gift of human life is more than it is realized to be, because within it I Am Present and that is why I Will so much perfection, purity and love for The Divine to be revealed.

I will close now, but I am never any distance away.”

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