ON DECEMBER 23, 2004 AT 1:30 PM


“There are Many of Us present each place this little one walks or is seen, because it is important many times that what she hears Us relate to her, We want spoken openly so that others can hear the Words that many times will be important regarding some necessity that they are confronted with and not sure of how they should act regarding it.

We speak slowly.  There are Several of Us.  We All want This Gift to exceed what It is expected to deliver according to the mentalities of thousands of people.  This Statement may be difficult for some to comprehend, that the number would be so large regarding such a Silent Gift of Communication to be so important for them.

Silence oftentimes is a great instructor, because in its giving time the privilege to use perhaps something inexplainable and yet important, also reasonable to hear about, to learn about, or possible to use in a future manner of decision.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens constantly request that special things They feel will aid human beings to more deeply understand, or even be able to cope with regarding their Souls and their in-depth ability to be more acceptable to what is not natural in the human way.

So much can be spoken, so much can be delivered, because human life was created for a Great Goal for the Soul which is many times spoken lightly about, or indifferently about, or in a very light manner, ignoring the Greatness of this Gift that was instilled when it was decided to be present in the human mentality, the human mind, the human interest, the human needs, and the human conscience.

Needless to say, some will read These Words but not fully understand, at first anyhow, what they have just learned that will give them so many facts, figures, abilities to be more capable of understanding Others Who speak, that they could not have had until they learned how to accept a new manner of accepting What they hear.

I speak differently, but I speak firmly.  This Gift of Divine Love is a Gift far greater than It is seen to be, but nonetheless, It will continue as long as I Decree.”

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