ON DECEMBER 29, 2004 AT 1:43 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Time is of the greatest essence of importance since the time My Son walked the earth.  Granted, there have been many important issues, conditions, necessities and purposes that were subjects of My Compassion for human beings of all ages.

Human lives carry a big responsibility, due to the fact that human lives are created with a degree of understanding, a degree of knowledge, a degree of patience, and a degree of being able to follow through, to carry on; also, to protect what is morally sound, morally beneficial, and morally advantageous for My Will to be What is used to accomplish many acts that will be eventually seen as important for not just the mentalities involved, but the Souls of every human being involved with what is occurring, what is logical in protecting What is My Will for the sake of the Souls that are not seen, but They are evident through the innate understanding that the Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, and I have placed It in living men, women and children to be able to carry the brunt of such an Important Status that initially gives to the mentalities involved, the commitment of remembering Who I Am, What I Am, and that I, as The Creator, want all things to be as I Will them to be for the Souls that are the victims of, or the receivers of all that is good for the present and for the Future Life of the Soul when It is returned to Me.

Hours could be spent on this subject alone, because the Soul is a Gift of Divine Love, thus giving to human lives a moral strength and an innate sensitivity of what is pure over impure, just over unjust, and many more such descriptions of something that can affect the human being’s right or wrong, good or evil, pleasing to Me or pleasing to the enemy, for the Souls that are to be returned to Me and be called ‘Saints’.

Needless to say, I could speak hours at a time, but the human mentality has a very busy mind, capable of so many diversions of subject matter that can give to human life, that were given to human life because of all the Gifts human life is capable of.

Human beings should never forget, in My Creation, My Design of human beings, I gave many Blessings that every human being is capable of following, because I want the Souls to be the benefactors and be returned to Me, representing the one in whom They were placed at another time.

I beseech you, remember These Words.  Each time you think about Them, be sure that They were given because of a Deep Love for human beings, and of course, for a Great Purpose for the Souls to be returned to from Where They came, thus giving Them the Promise that was made to Them at another time.”

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