ON JANUARY 1, 2005 AT 6:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I know you do not expect Me to speak at this time, but My Desire and My Love for My Creation of human life is a Gift beyond what It is understood to be by the human mind.

Each day is a day of importance, but also a time in which human beings of all ages should use certain amount of times, certain degree of times to speak to Me personally, to let Me know they are aware of My Presence.

I share many hours with human lives, because with each human life there is a Portion of Who I Am.  Even though there are many misunderstandings regarding the fact that I do speak to certain individuals who I know will respond to My Presence so that My Message or Messages will be delivered for others to more fully understand, I am always available to them.  It is an Important Portion of Divine Plan.

So many times, when a man, woman or child feels the need to say a prayer, I am available, but so are Many Others Who are Here with Me, because sometimes I beckon Them to follow the words so they will be remembered for the sake of the one who is requesting to be heard.

So much has been delivered through one small voice.  Thousands of Words, hundreds and hundreds of hours spent on this Communication that is rare to the human mentality, but yet yearned for in Its Beautiful Communication of Divine Love.

Many times I speak through this little one who I am speaking through now.  She constantly listens for My Presence.

I am always aware of what human lives of all ages are partaking in, and the condition in which they live.  My Love for human life is sometimes not seen for the Importance it was created, because human life is gifted with abilities, with talents, with sound observance of Those Who talk to them from Here, Where I Am.

The little one I use is always aware of the importance of others learning that My Presence is where they are.  Also, when an individual uses the manner of praying, the communication of praying, you can be assured it is always heard.

As communication is important in the personal living world, would it not be important for the physical and Soul of a human being to communicate verbally, spiritually, mentally and physically, not only to be seen and heard, but to gain the strength for more communication, because the Soul craves it and it aids the Soul to be the Transmitter of more strength morally, mentally, physically?

I will close My Words now, and I will return at a time when I know you will be listening to Me, because My Love for human lives is a continuous Goal, due to the fact that human lives have present within them a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.  The Soul is a Gift of Divine Love that no other living matter or thing bears.

As I close These Words I smile, because the little one says: ‘Thank You, Heavenly Father, for sharing this with us.  I know it will strengthen us in many ways.  We all love You.  Remember this.’”

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