ON JANUARY 5, 2005 AT 12:43 PM


“There are Many of Us present.  I am Saint Andrew.  I am Saint Philip.  I am Saint Margaret Mary.  He is smiling.  He says, ‘I am your Heavenly Father.’

This little one I use, who has been given the privilege to deliver so much Direction regarding many factors, factions of human life.

Even though the monetary means is of the greatest importance, there are many ways in which human life must be seen as a Wonderful Gift of Divine Love, to be protected against all enemies, even more than the monetary situations that arouse more attention than what the human mentality or structure ever receives.

The Holy days are important, because in them so much is thought about, and given to be thought about in what the foundation of human life is part of.

Each time an individual says, ‘Thank You, Father, for what I have received,’ the Guardian Angel loves to know that It is in a condition, a situation, a place, closely connected to The Divine.

As so Many of Us speak through This Gift of Divine Love, it is to give strength, hope, a deeper understanding, and definitely a purpose to be understood as a Purpose for the Goal for which human life was created to reach.

There are thousands of human beings who rarely mention the words in a prayer.  They say they do not have the time and they feel that No One hears what they have to speak.

I am here today with you to announce:  Every thought you have is recognized as coming from you.  Every word you speak is heard from you.  Do not forget, your Soul is the Transmitter of all you do, you practice, you think, you participate in, or you are the victim of.  The Soul is a Living Matter of Divine Love.  It is aware every moment of the day and night of your presence, what is occurring, what you are participating in, and what you are projecting for others because, do not forget, as you stand in the human form and way, you are in the sight or the hearing side that others recognize you by, and they hear what you have to say.  You are example in more ways than you understand it to be.  I beseech you, remember this.

So many Words have been spoken on what a Gift human life is, because it is important that this be understood as the foundation for Sainthood, for the Soul to be returned to The Creator and be called ‘a Saint’.

I close at this time, but I say with Deep Love and Divine Meaning: ‘Do not forget, your Gift of human life is a greater Gift than you understand it to be.  It is the foundation for one day to be called by your name when your body is a Saint.’”

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