ON JANUARY 6, 2005 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

As logic in actions, speech and living daily is necessary for all things to be practiced in the human manner, human reasoning, it is important that order is evident, else there would be no sound mannerism in human life.  So many human beings try to justify how they think, how they feel, but there must be order to life.  There must be dignity and obedience to what is logical spiritually, physically.

As I speak through one small voice, It is meant for all human beings to think about; also, prayers must be seen for the importance of their communication with Me and All Others in the Heavens to Whom they pray for many things.

As I close These Words, I remind those who read Them that human life was created by Who I Am, What I Am, so at a given time That Portion of human life that is a Gift of My Divine Love, I expect It to be returned to Me, ready and able to work with Me in the manner I designed it to be.

As I speak much through one small individual human being, My Words are to travel in an endless manner by those who read Them and by those who hear Them.  It is for the benefit of millions and millions of people, in other ways would never know how close I am to them and they are to Me.

I beseech you, remember this.”

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