ON JANUARY 7, 2005 AT 12:25 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I often speak at times I would not be expected to speak, but I do this to keep My Communication understandable, personal, evident, because My Presence is more continuous than human beings understand It to be.

The little one I use has heard My Words for such a long time, because it is important Our Communication be available when I want her to repeat What I desire others to personally hear.  Her body is small and has been used to a degree inconceivable and/or unbelievable to the average human being.

I speak through her now to say that in My Love, plus My Gift of human beings, All that I deliver would count to millions of men, women and children for the benefits they would derive to help them better understand My Motives for creating them the human way, based on My Divine Love for human life, because it was created bearing a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, so one day It will be returned to Me for an endless period of time.

The Power I use is a very strong Power, One her small body finds difficult to handle, but the Power I use is different than the human element of living knows power to be.

I have gathered you in a room because of your willingness to work for Me.  The Blessing I extend is beyond what you can perceive It to be.

I will close because the little one’s body could collapse if I continued with this Wording, because she, too, has great respect for human beings.”

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