ON JANUARY 8, 2005 AT 11:03 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This little instrument I use smiles when I say My next Words.  She says, ‘God, I am not a dictionary.’ I say to her, ‘I know, but you have the vocabulary to say All I Will to be spoken, and more.’

Her manner of life is different but also difficult, because each hour of every day she listens for what I Will to be spoken, what Direction she must take to be able to fulfill My Will for the sake of millions of human beings that are unaware of the Importance of The Gift that is rare, for the sake of Souls that are to be returned to Me as Saints.

Each time a Soul is given, the Soul is the recipient of all the human mind and body participate in; also, They are responsible, along with the mentality, because so much wrong, impure, can be delivered indelibly, not allowing It to be seen as a Beautiful Gift of My Divine Love.

I bring tears to the little one’s eyes because she cannot bear what the ugliness of sin can impair a Soul with, that only causes the Soul harm, hurt, and an inability to immediately be Where I Am.  The human mind oftentimes demands more from the one in whom they were placed, but the human mind is the victim of one’s nature and one’s wrong impurities:  physical, moral, suggestive to what is foul in many ways.

I must close now.  It is difficult for her to speak My Words this way.”

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