ON JANUARY 14, 2005 AT 12:43 PM


“There are Four of Us.”

She says: “Would you like Our Names?  I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  I am Saint Margaret Mary.”

There are two Margaret Mary’s.  She’s smiling.

“I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  It is not often that We use this little one in this manner, this degree, and I add enjoyment to this, because this little one is very wise to Who We are the moment We make entrance to her through her Soul.

There are so many things that could be spoken by Each of Us, instructing, encouraging, instilling Words that would give a tremendous amount of knowledge that is usually not spoken about where the Spiritual is considered.  So much is delivered in a very soft, easy way, so those hearing It will be better able to sense and to understand that when you speak as a Saint, it is with Deep Love for The Divine.

At this moment there are millions of men, women and children that should be listening to Words that give strength, more understanding, more enlightenment regarding what the Soul is all about, and how the Soul can communicate through one The Father instructs to hear What is spoken in such a silent manner, way, degree.  The mentality is trained to receive; not understood by the average human being, but the importance of What is delivered gives to those who hear It or put It into script, more understanding and a closer association to be able to cope with, or to use the advantage of learning more through their manner of living, their manner of association with others, because the Words never truly are gone in Their full measure once the written Word is completed.  It leaves a Mark of association, of remembrance.  The individual never forgets that one time or more, a Particular Saint spoke and they were given the privilege to put It into script.

You live in a time wherein so much diabolical interference is obvious in so many ways, always trying to encourage the mentalities of human beings to think another way.  That is why This Gift of being able to put into script understandable Wording, is to give strength to the mentalities who hear It and those who read It.

I know What I have spoken is different than usual, but I assure you, at some time, in some way, there will be a thanksgiving for This Communication to give strength to how one who has written the Words will be the factor of being able to handle what others, when others make a mistake.”

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