ON JANUARY 18, 2005 AT 12:31 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.

I am Saint Veronica.”

They are smiling.

“If We were to mention All of Our Names and Our Titles, it would be some time before We would have the time with you to write What We want you to hear from Us.

In the human creation of men, women and children, a Specific Gift of Divine Love is instilled to give to this creation of human life abilities, understanding, motivations and many things that many walk through life enjoying, not caring what the title of what they are involved in describes.

A Gift of Divine Love to the human way of living is a Gift of Divine Love not fully understood.  It is taken for granted, because it is a practice in the living form, way and reasonability.

I know the Words are different than you are used to receiving, but sometimes We Saints Here in the Heavens enjoy pointing out to you, yet in the living state, how close We are in communication and in caring.

Children should be instructed in a manner and way that they can perceive in their degree of mentality, that human life is a Gift greater, because it is in close Association to The Divine Creator of All Things.

Today many individuals are celebrating special days, special times; also, find that this day will be a day to remember by them, what occurred and what gave them happiness for a period of time that they will remember a long time.

Though the Words are different than you are used to hearing Us speak, We find happiness in sharing times such as these.

You live in a time wherein there is much dissension mentally, morally, physically, because in the human state so much is taken for granted, or out of concept regarding its reality.

Many of Us are present here now, but We have come to awaken your mentalities to look at human life in a deserving way, and that it has a purpose for you to live in your daily manner of doing things, always remembering that All of Heaven is aware of every move you make, every word you speak.

Human life was created to be able to enjoy many things.  As you enjoy whatever it is that pleases you, do not forget, The Heavenly Father designed you and gave you the Gifts that would make your life a happy life, one to remember.”

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