ON JANUARY 19, 2005 AT 1:09 PM


“We surround this little one because of the importance of What We are about to speak.

Throughout the world there is One Source of Communication with Me that I Will everyone to follow and to use it in everything they think, say and do.  It has a name.  It is called ‘The Ten Commandments’.

These Commandments were given to give strength and a deeper understanding of how an individual could face life each day and to come one day Here with Me, bearing the name of an Important Saint.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, but so often what is good, what is natural, what is strengthening, what is hope, is ignored because of personal sensitivities or insensitivities, thus denying very easy Rules of giving to human life, through their mentalities, through their natures, through their sensitivities, and through their manner of wanting to know more, to aid them in some way, for some purpose, reasonable to their necessity or their manner of how they think mentally, morally.

No human being is not gifted with the ability or an innate sensitivity to sense or to realize that I would allow them to not know things that were important for them to follow, so one day they could return to Me Forever and ever and ever.

Volumes could be written, put into script on What I have just spoken.  It has been to a great degree already, but in so many ways the human mentality ignores what is logical and also what is acceptable for the good of their bodies, their minds and their Souls.

As I close These Words at this time, it is important, each thought, each word, each action should be looked into regarding the importance it is to what a human life needs to follow for the good of what the human life is made with and for.

I smile when I say My next Words.  Human life is Blessed by the very Gift of human life.  I know, I created it.  Remember this.”

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