ON JANUARY 20, 2005 AT 12:37 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it is difficult for many men, women and children to believe, to understand that I would speak so openly to them, requesting What I speak to be put into a print, capable for all who read the Words to understand Them, I speak many times, but do not announce Who I Am or that I am speaking, because in This Gift of My Divine Love, I have promised those who have heard the Promise, that I am present and am aware of all they think, say and do, because it is important that the mentalities of human beings be refreshed by what is morally important, to be able to be more morally correct.

I use one small voice, and I smile when I say, ‘There was a time a long time ago, that I spoke through what is called “masculine voices”, but even They, many times feeling What I was speaking, softened the tone in respect to Who I Was, Who I Am.’

This little one I use is aware of more than she is expected to be aware of, but I did this, I do this because so much, so many important things are being brought to light for all ages of human life to more readily understand the meaning, the importance of what they think, say and do, because the Souls are the recipients of all things that a human being is capable of expressing, becoming part of, or acting in a manner and way that will affect the Soul of the one doing it, practicing it, or the Souls of those present at times when Wording means so much worth to the mentalities listening.

I speak often through This Gift of My Divine Love, not always announcing Who I Am, but I assure you, your Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, so though you walk in the human state, I am close to you every moment of every day, and I bless you when you are kind and I bless you when you use what you are, how you are, always remembering that within you, you have a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, and one day We will meet in a different manner, different way, but We will know Each Other.  Remember this.”

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