ON JANUARY 24, 2005 AT 12:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I know many times when I speak, the timing is different your way than Mine, but I do appreciate your response so readily.

I have given to the world a Gift, based on My Divine Love.  It is a Gift of Instruction, instructing on the importance of human relationships with The Divine.

The closeness We are to Each Other is much more than you realize, because you see, the Portion within you called ‘a Soul’, is a Portion of Me, of Who I Am.  That Portion alerts Me many times to what you think, what you say and what you do, because do not forget, your Soul desires to return to Me another time, another way, representing you.

Many will not be able to understand such personal, intimate meaning, but nonetheless, it is Fact; so each time that I am able to communicate with you, giving Words of Divine Love to assist you to grow strong, and instill in you the desire to be more understanding of the closeness We have, the Purpose that you have for the life you live and were created for at a given time, this Relationship is greater than It is seen to be, but I beseech you, handle It with care and love, because all that has been created and all that you are capable of, will one day be Judged for you to be placed either close to Me, or within My Sight, but do not forget, in the creation of your way, it was Divine Love that caused it to occur.”

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