ON JANUARY 25, 2005 AT 11:45 AM


“No human child is created without My Intercession.  This Fact is logical, because within each conception there is a Portion of Me.  Most so-called ‘intellectual’ human beings find this difficult to perceive, according to the knowledge they have and their abilities morally, mentally, psychologically.

In the creation of human life, I always have a reason.  The world of human beings is a Gift of My Divine Love, greater than it is understood to be, or I should say, willing to handle that it comes from Me, from Who I Am, and not just from those who are only capable of believing that they are the ones.  Only because they are human, do they think they are the only ones involved in this Gift of human life.

Today as I speak, it is important that children understand that their life is Important to Me, because there is a Goal for them, a Portion within them that I desire to one day be ‘a Saint’.

I will close These Words at this time, but I will speak more on this because of its importance to Me, because do not forget, every human being created has a Portion of Me within it, their Soul.”

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