ON JANUARY 26, 2005 AT 1:23 PM


“As in times gone by, I have many times requested that What I Will many to know — many yet living, I mean — What My Purpose for human life was created for, and the Importance of it.  Because of My Love for it, I placed within it a Portion of What I Am.

This Gift is Greater than It is seen to be, but I add to this:  If this Gift was not so Great, would I have allowed there to be a Purgatory and a Heaven?  No.  I would have just allowed a Hell.  Remember These Words.

Within each human being there is a necessity to think before you speak, and never allow yourself to be a victim of anything satanic, or other than what you would expect Me to deliver for you to act upon, for you to fulfill, because My Love, My Will, My Way for human life is to return to Me in Glory, not hate; in Love, not something that is questionable.  Remember this.

I have chosen one small body, one mind, for a long time to repeat My Words, follow My Directions, and to aid Me in delivering to them the Importance of why they were created, and that is to perpetuate My Will, My Love, My Hope for all human beings to understand more indepthly, the Goal.

I could speak hours on end regarding this subject, but it would be difficult for the human mentalities to hear more than they could absorb on this subject.  It would be and could be questionable, in not hearing It correctly.

I close These Words with the Desire for My Divine Love to supersede any impure thoughts, words or deeds.  Remember this.”

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